Snapseed Tutorial

I want to prove that you don’t always need expensive editing programs to create beautiful Instagram pictures. There are many free apps like Snapseed as a perfect alternative.

Nethertheless I know that you have to invest a lot of time improving your skills also with the apps. I invested many many hours to find my style and to get to know the right settings. Hopefully this little video will shorten your process. Have fun watching! 🙂



  • lighten up the shadows
  • strenghten up the structure
  • raise contrast and brightness
  • reduse the saturation
  • cut into Instagram size 4/5
  • vignetting to fucus on the center

Of course, this is just one of many many ways to edit pictures. There are also lot of other ways to create beautiful Instagram feeds. This is just my style I wanted to show to you, because so many of you asked. Editing is a process which constantly evolves and changes. Everyone has to figure it out by himself to find his own style. If you have any questions left, please let me know. I’m not an editing pro, but I would be very happy to help you on your way.

Please also understand that it is not exactly the same picture I posted half a year ago. I tried my best to reconstruct the way I edited it. Now I wish you a lot of fun, editing your own pictures! 🙂

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